Braves still can't win in the dome

Published: Jun 12, 2007 10:35 PM

If my math is correct, the Braves have a 5 game losing streak in the Dome dating back to October of 1991. The victory on Tuesday night brought the Twins back to the .500 mark at 31-31. Despite not playing particularly well, the Twins have managed to gain 2 games in the past week against the Indians. They now trail both Detroit and Cleveland by what seems like a more reasonable 5.5 games.

Speaking of Detroit, Justin Verlander no-hit the Brewers to bring them into a tie with Cleveland who has now lost 3 straight after being shut out by Florida. Cleveland has had just 1 off-day since May 14th due to the fact that make-up games with Seattle have had to be squeezed into their schedule. That might be taking its toll on them.

Kevin Slowey is really giving me reason for optimism. He's not dominating and may never be, but it seems like he'll be a guy that will give a quality outing every time out. If the Twins can just score more than a few runs he should be a winner. His impeccable control has been a big part of his success so far. In 3 starts and 17 innings he's walked just 2.

After getting 15 hits on Sunday the Twins followed up with 13 against the Braves. However, it was 2 walks that started the trouble for Kyle Davies in the 4th inning. After mowing down the Twins in the first 3 innings he walked Michael Cuddyer and Justin Morneau which started off the 5 run inning for the Twins. The Twins would add a couple runs late in the game and went on to win comfortably by a score of 7-3.

Game Notes

  • After getting 2 of the 3 outs in the fourth inning, Joe Mauer ended the game with a couple singles to go 2 for 5.
  • Torii Hunter doubled and drove in 2 runs in the fourth inning.
  • Both Nick Punto and Jason Bartlett had another multi-hit game.
  • Despite hoping to play, Jason Kubel remained on the bench for the game. The extra day rest was probably a good idea. Lew Ford was 0-4 in left.
  • Luis Castillo had 3 hits and drove in 2 runs. He has 8 3-hit games on the year.
  • The bullpen held the Braves scoreless. Matt Guerrier, Pat Neshek and Joe Nathan each took an inning.

All-star balloting

Apparently Morneau has the best shot of being voted in by fans despite the fact that he has half as many votes as David Ortiz and trails by more than a half million votes. Joe Mauer is in fourth place, but trails the leader, Ivan Rodriguez, by just over 100,000 votes. Even Hunter is less than 200,000 behind Ichiro for the third outfielder spot.

I doubt any of the three will be voted in, but my money certainly is not on Morneau overcoming a half million vote deficit over the next two weeks. Even the biggest Twins Geek couldn't sit at a computer long enough to cast that many votes.

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