Santana Dominates in Oakland

Published: Jun 02, 2006 11:30 PM

Friday night's victory can almost entirely be credited to Johan Santana's performance, with an assist going to Justin Morneau for his 8th inning homerun. Johan gave up a solo homer to Frank Thomas in the 2nd and also gave up a single in the inning. After that he was literally perfect. Not a single Oakland batter reached base in the third through eigth innings. Johan simply dominated, yet remained down by 1 run until the eigth inning.

It looked like the Twins offense was going to get shut down for the second straight night. This night they weren't facing Barry Zito; they were facing mediocre starter Kirk Saarloos. Saarloos gave up just 2 hits through the first 7 innings in a lineup that included Nick Punto leading off and Jason Kubel batting ninth. Fortunately Michael Cuddyer led off the 8th with a single and Morneau came up with a clutch homerun to put the Twins in the lead 2-1.

The homerun set up a save opportunity (finally) for Joe Nathan and he pitched a perfect 9th to extend the streak of perfect innings to 7.

Game Notes

  • The Twins had just 5 hits, but 5 walks in the game. The weren't able to turn the walks into runs.
  • Joe Mauer was a rare 0-4 in the game.
  • Terry Tiffee saw his first action after being called up. He played DH and was 0-2 with a walk.
  • Santana picked up 9 K's in the game to put him back into the MLB lead in strikeouts.

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