Santana trade remarks

Published: Jan 29, 2008 11:15 PM

There's a ton of talk in the baseball community online regarding the Santana trade. Today has actually been one of the top 5 traffic days for this site's history. I thought I'd pull together quotes from around the web to get a feel for people's reactions. Twins fans are pretty much on the same page with this stinks.

Wait... who? Exactly. Congratulations, Mets fans. Apparently, Bill Smith was bribed threatened convinced that those four -- a motley crew, as Mel called them -- added up to one Johan Santana. Babes Love Baseball
I hate this trade. Period. I’ve been hearing about Carlos Gomez for years now coming up out of the Mets organization but you know what — kid really hasn’t done a hell of a lot in the minors OR with the Mets so — that’s the blue chipper? Bugs & Cranks
Let's face it, the Twins have a track record of success when trading away star players amidst their primes, even if the results initially seem heavily skewed in favor of the other team. Maybe that will be the case with yesterday's deal that likely sends Johan Santana to the Mets in return for four unspectacular prospects. Unfortunately, that seems rather unlikely. Nick & Nick
There is no need to be mad at the Twins. They should not go to the extra mile for a pitcher who did not want to be in Minnesota anymore. The smart reaction to this trade is good riddance. Twins Killings
I’m sad about this more than angry. I remember back in his early days when Johan was the long reliever who came in when games were well in hand and how he gradually worked his way into being the mainstay of the rotation — and then became the best pitcher in baseball, the guy who should have won 3 Cy Youngs in a row. A Fan's View initial reaction is that this is a disappointing haul given the other packages that were rumored to be on the table at various points during the past couple months.
If that is the deal, then it is disgusting. You either have to get a quality ML player, or an org's absolute top prospect, plus other pieces. That should be non-negotiable. A handful of fair to middlin' prospects shouldn't be enough to get it done. Moss from SBG's comments
Thank the baseball gods. This is a completely reasonable deal in every way for the Mets, and in fact I think the Twinkies' management kind of misplayed their hand on this one. If this was really the best they could do at this point, it means they alienated the Red Sox and the Yanks along the way and possibly screwed themselves out of a better bunch of prospects. anonymous commenter at Amazing Avenue Met's Blog
It's a whole lot better than losing Santana for draft picks next winter, but we'd have taken a Phil Hughes or Jacoby Ellsbury package over this.

The Clubhouse is also a great place to keep track of what's being said about the Santana trade. There's sure to be a lot of discussion over the next couple days.

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